Hi, my name is Stephanie.

We each have been given a unique life and mine is no more special than yours.

My earliest adventures were riding one mile from our house in my pajamas, my three year old feet free of constraints. Giggles and excitement filled the air as we waited for gas station doughnuts for our Saturday breakfast.

At eight, I dreamed of exploring Africa, going to unknown places to study language and working in translation. 

At ten, I explored writing for the first time. Notebooks full of adventures on pages smudged with my left-handed scrawl.

At fifteen, my desire to understand cultures different than mine led me to explore books that introduced me to other worlds, other religions, other views.

At nineteen, I stepped into Albania and fell in love with cultures so different than my own.

More than ten years later, I find myself mostly barefoot, a linguistic anthropologist, a writer, a sojourner. A waylaid wanderer who, for now, is in the deserts of West Asia, sharing the sights and sounds and smells of a culture not her own.

Will you come with me? Come and see this world we hardly know.

Image by Waqas Akhtar