A matter of moments


“I would like to pose a question; How do you sum up a life in a few words?

How do you measure the weight of a soul in a matter of moments?

You do not. You cannot.

But you can pray for rest And you can pray for light And you can remember, You can always remember.”

I knew a woman once, with crazy curls, a brilliant mind and a heart for the volatile hills of the north. She spent her days in survey, helping communities tread forward even as their government was content to stay in the hands of the ruthless. She expressed interest in my meager offerings to linguistics. She offered me coffee from her fantastic Aeropress contraption boasting of its worthy companionship on the harsh barren paths she traversed. She visited the most remote villages and gave her life for a faith she believed so fully in. Today is the anniversary of her too short life and untimely, wretched death. I have very little to do with her story. I grieve, but should I? She died at the hands of those who did not want to see progress and empowerment. She left a legacy few will hear about. Yet, I know, that is not the story she wants for her life.

She is not mourning, she is rejoicing! She lived this out so beautifully: “I have but one candle of life to burn, and I would rather burn it out in a land filled with darkness than in a land flooded with light.” And now, her candle on this earth has burned out—but she finds herself in Eternal Light and Glory with the Father!

So, I will rejoice too. I will rejoice in the way she loved and is now with the One she loves. I will rejoice in remembering her laughter, her friendship, her passion for life and languages in a harsh and desolate land. I will rejoice that she is now, forevermore, with Jesus, in Heaven, worshiping and praising God with more exuberance than she could have ever been able to do here on earth. We miss you, friend. You are not forgotten; we rejoice in who the Lord made you to be while sojourning here. I’m so glad you’re Home with your Savior.

(beginning quote by David Crowder Band, A Burial; second quote by Keith Falconer)

Photo: Unsplash