A short love story

In March 2014 my then, not quite official, Baloch fiancé and I said our goodbyes in Chiang Mai International Airport—the color of the dark gray carpet and gray container trays that filtered through security matched my feelings as I stifled the overwhelming emotions that threatened. I pasted on my own ‘Thai smile’ and worked my way through security. We had said our farewells without knowing for certain that we would get to say 'Hello' again.

A last embrace, a long final gaze as the line of travelers pulled us farther apart.

We were from different worlds, different languages, different cultures, different places, different times—yet our worlds had collided in Thailand and we didn’t feel quite so different after all.

Ours was a whirlwind love story, one we wanted to last for our lifetimes; yet as I headed back to the States for several months, we felt apprehensive. There were many reasons why going was the best decision, however, I left my heart with this man as I tried to catch one last glimpse of him through the security glass. It was excruciating. In a story for another day, we had agreed that if my parents didn’t give their blessing, we wouldn’t move forward. We would wait for the day when they agreed. So that goodbye was hopeful, yet with some hesitation.

What would happen if my parents refused? When would I see this man I love, again?

While we Skyped as much as possible, life stateside filled up with meetings with friends and family. My heart waited for news that we could marry and those were hazy months of hesitant hope. In June, he proposed via Skype, much to my delighted surprise and disbelief! We were to be married! My parents had given their full blessing.

I would indeed see him again and our separation would end.

The months between March and November, when I made a brief trip back to Thailand with my church, remain a blur of activity and long-distance hope. A time apart, but also a time together. Oh, what blessed reconnection when my fiance met me at that same airport where he had had to say goodbye. Only one short separation after this we would be man and wife!

Those sweet days of reconnecting and knowing that our story was not a brief infatuation, but a thriving new future was confirmed when our eyes, our arms, and our lips reconnected in joy. What bliss!