It's there already, just ask.

Late mornings. Blackcurrant jelly on warm paratha. A sleepy white kitten soaking up the sunshine. Fields of yellow mustard flowers. Solitude for renewal. Afternoon embraces. A psalm of truth breaking through to my heart.

Today, I read a verse about the abundant goodness of God. Psalm 31:19.

'Oh, how abundant is your goodness, which you have stored up for those who fear you and worked for those who take refuge in you, in the sight the children of mankind!'

This is what is true: Sometimes, I forget your goodness, oh Lord. Sometimes, I forget to fear you, oh Lord. Often, I forget to take refuge in you, oh Lord.

And then I prayed: Lord, remind me of your safety. Remind me of your power. Show me in each moment the abundance of your goodness!

Immediately, a list of good things came to mind. Brilliant mornings with my husband. Making a breakfast of eggs and paratha slathered with delicious blackcurrant jelly and split in two. A lively and adorable little white kitten that made my 7 year old dreams realized--25 years later! Fields of glorious yellow flowers reaching to the sky. A time of quiet solitude for reflection and renewal in his word. Random hugs and kisses from my soulmate between our afternoon tasks. A Psalm that brought the truth of God's abundant goodness to my heart.

And then I prayed: Lord, thank you. For your goodness in answering my requests before I have even thought to voice them.