Life is a Journey

Sometimes our journey takes us far from home. Sometimes, it keeps us close to home. This is a space for the near wanderer who dreams of the faraway.

So much of life tends to keep us focused on our day to day. That is a good thing. But sometimes, we need to wander farther. Wonder further.

Life is happening in many places at once. We watch life in our own existence take on a presence that sometimes we intend, and sometimes it develops in a way we never thought it would. We plan our lives, hoping that the short time we have will be enough to get where we want to go or to become who we want to be.

Life is also happening for every other person we see every single day. Are they going where they want to go? Being who they want to be? But more than that, another way to ask those questions are, Are they going where they want to go WITH the person they want to be with? Are they becoming who they want to be WITH the people who make their lives mean something?

When we consider life and all its motions, where does it lead us? Do we venture far, or remain still? In our lives and along our journeys, what are we learning?

I am hoping that this space will be a place for the journey. For the near wanderers who want to know about the life that is happening in other places. Join me and explore land and cultures of the faraway as we journey through our everyday. A place to wander, a space to wonder.